Butler Medal - Army of the James Medal 
-2.5 inches with ribbon
-Silver nickel
-Velvet Presentation Box

Butler Medal Challenge Coin
-2.5 inch
-Silver Nickel
-Coin Capsule

In observation of the historic legacy and impact of African American servicemembers we are proud to introduce a commemorative replica of the Butler Medal.

The Butler Medal, the only medal ever struck for African American troops, is officially known as the Army of the James Medal. Named for and commissioned by General Benjamin F. Butler, the medal honored African American troops for gallantry during the Battle of Newmarket Heights on September 29, 1864, Civil War Era.

The medal features the inscription Ferro iis libertas perveniet: "Freedom Will be Theirs by the Sword." During this medals’ original circulation there were only 200 minted and awarded. In keeping with this tradition we will only sell 200 butler medals a year. Each medal will be packaged in a velvet presentation box and will include a commerative coin.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the African American Civil War Museum  in honor of all African American patriots who have  served and continue to serve our great nation.

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