About Us

Our Mission

923A Coins & Designs is a veteran-owned business that provides unique, high quality, hand carved plaques.

Our Merit

We utilize superior materials and over 25 years of expertise to ensure our products are of the highest quality. We look forward to providing our unique products and services to those who have served our country.

Our Promise

Our main focus is the veteran, and we deliver military history and stories in a professional manner.


Our Impact

Our designs are made to encapsulate memories and precious moments for a lifetime.




We are a small, but mighty team operating out of our adopted home of Hawaii.

Our founder is a creative engineer and a master facilitator of ideas, concepts, and thoughts. He was born in New York City and raised in Sumter, South Carolina -- which is where he contributes his hybrid personality of a bonafide hustler with southern hospitality. He entered the US Army at age 17 as a petroleum supply technician. After working his way up through the NCO Corps for ten years, he was selected to become a US Army Warrant Officer.

His military occupational specialty (MOS) is a 923A Senior Petroleum Systems Technician Chief Warrant Officer, the job title that led to the name of this business. It was also the first coin made by the company.

Our co-founder is a military brat who grew up in California and Colorado. She runs the business behind the scenes. Before joining the company, she worked in public relations, content marketing, community center management and special event coordination (festival, concerts, etc.). Much of her career was spent in the government sector -- US Army and US Air Force -- as well as at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

In August 2019, the business took off and we never looked back.