Expected release date is 2nd Jun 2023

Liquid Logistician Commemorative Ring

The Liquid Logistician Commemorative Ring is a unique and beautifully crafted novelty ring that you'll be proud to display as a symbol of your unwavering commitment to leadership and service. Made of high-quality zinc, this ring is both durable and stylish. With intricate detailing and a bold design, it's the perfect accessory to honor the achievement of being a liquid logistician. 

The centerpiece of this stunning ring features the mascot "pipeman pete", expertly rendered in three dimensions for a truly striking effect. 

Whether you wear it on your finger or display it on a shelf or in a display case, the Liquid Logistician Commemorative Ring is a meaningful and beautiful tribute to your service to our great nation. Order yours today and honor the traditions, values, and legacy of your career.

Customize the ring by adding your award level and name.* 

*Please ensure names are spelled correctly and please verify your ring size. Once production begins, no changes can be made. 



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